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Forex Funded Challenge was founded on a simple yet transformative idea: to democratise access to trading capital, a crucial barrier that often stands between aspiring traders and their potential success in the financial markets. We understand that access to sufficient funds is a significant hurdle for many talented traders, preventing them from fully realizing their skills and strategies in the live market. Our mission is to break down these barriers, offering a platform where traders can showcase their prowess, access the capital they need, and thrive in an environment that’s both challenging and rewarding.

We’re not just about providing funds; we’re about building a supportive and expansive community where traders can grow, learn, and succeed together. Our aim is to cultivate a global network of traders, equipped with the best tools, technology, and resources, to help each other reach new heights. At Forex Funded Challenge, we’re more than a prop firm; we’re a movement towards creating a world where anyone, regardless of their background or financial standing, can join the ranks of professional traders and make their mark on the forex market. Join us in our mission to empower traders and expand the possibilities within the trading community.

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Forex Funded Challenge was a game-changer for me. Initially skeptical, the challenge not only honed my trading skills but also provided an incredible platform to scale my trading account. What impressed me the most was the tools in Chart+ and the supportive community. Achieving the profit targets and managing risk was challenging but rewarding. Their prompt payouts and the generous profit share are commendable. Highly recommend to any trader looking to level up!

Jake Thompson